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GEA Grasso Service Equipment

Southern Sales & Services offer a range of GEA Grasso service equipment designed to improve the performance, efficiency and longevity of your plant equipment.

  • GEA Ammonia Dryer
  • GEA Purger
  • GEA Grasso Conversion Kit

GEA Ammonia Dryer

The GEA Grasso Ammonia Dryer is a perfect supplement to your ammonia refrigeration system to ensure longer operational life as well as lower operating and maintenance costs. The ammonia dryer removes water from the refrigerant cycles without having the machines shut down. It keeps the refrigerant circuit dry and clean and your refrigeration system running efficiently.


GEA Grasso Ammonia Dryer
Type Input power


Dimensions (mm) Weight


150 H¹) 0.2 2200 750 1000 500
150 E²) 1.8 2200 750 1000 500

¹) hot gas heating, ²) electric heating


Functionality of the GEA Ammonia Dryer

The ammonia dryer heats the aqueous ammonia, boiling the ammonia out of the water. It can be done either with an electric or hot gas heater. The distilled ammonia flows out of the dryer and is fed back into the separator. At the end of the cycle, the controls start the next filling and distillation process. Only after the water concentration in the container sump reaches the defined value, will the cycle end and the manual drain valve open. The remains which may contain sludge in addition to aqueous ammonia are directed to the prepared canister and then disposed of. Signal lights on the operator panel provide information about the relevant operating status of the dryer.

Learn more with GEA RTSelect  product selection and configuration tool

Customer benefits:

  • Simple installation in any existing or newly erected application
  • Longer lifetime of each system component
  • Prevents energy wastage
  • Short pay back period
  • Premium quality and simply to operate
  • Built in accordance to CE PED rules

Impact of water in the refrigerant circuit

A refrigeration plant can have water levels of approximately 2% to 5% within a few years despite regular care. Due to the very different evaporating temperatures of water and ammonia, even very slight increases in water concentrations may increase the evaporating temperature of the ammonia water mixture. If the suction pressure alters the evaporating temperature of the aqueous ammonia, i.e. the intended temperature in the cooling chambers can no longer be achieved. This effect is compensated through lowering the suction pressure which in turn compromises the capacity of the compressor. To guarantee the specified cooling capacity, the operating hours of the compressor need to be increased, raising the operating costs for the refrigeration system. In addition, the water in the ammonia circuit causes corrosion as well as the oil to age faster and accelerates sludge formation in the refrigeration system. To prevent overmoisturizing over your refrigeration system we thus recommend using the GEA Grasso Ammonia Dryers.

GEA Self-Limiting Automatic Purger

The GEA Purger removes non-condensable gases from your refrigeration system, maximizing system efficiency.

Refrigeration systems must be kept free from non-condensable gases that can inhibit their performance and increase energy consumption. The most effective way of doing this is by automatic purging which responds immediately to any unwanted gases entering the system, such as air inside the liquid receiver.
The GEA Purger starts automatically when the concentration of these non-condensable gases exceeds 2 %, and stops when the concentration drops to below 1 %.

The purger operates independently from the main refrigeration system and is suitable for in- as well as outdoor installation. It comprises an integrated, low temperature refrigeration cycle, including a hermetic compressor and an air-cooled condenser, using the environmentally-friendly natural refrigerant R290 (propane).

Technical specifications
Refrigerant: R290 (propane)
Refrigerant charge: 150 g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 700 x 330 x 450 mm
Weight: approx. 50 kg
Protection: IP44
Power supply: 230V @ 50 Hz
Connection power: 400 Watt
Design: According to CE PED
Connections: Flange connection for 22/27 mm
Ambient temperature: -15 to +45 °C

Maximizing your system performance!

  • Energy-efficiency: Maximum energy-efficiency with minimum power consumption
  • Environmentally-friendly: Operates with the environmentally-friendly natural refrigerant R290 (propane)
  • Simple plug & play: Plug and play for in- and outdoor use
  • Quality: Blow-off valve with calibrated orifice for highest quality, rather than quantity purging

Learn more with GEA RTSelect – our product selection and configuration tool

GEA Grasso Conversion Kit

GEA provide compressor conversion kits for any screw compressor package. Each GEA Grasso conversion kit (GGCK) is supplied complete with a new GEA screw compressor and other standard components. Each conversion kit is designed specifically to suit the existing package unit in order to minimize any on-site modifications.

This enables fixed prices to be offered with short down times and a compressor manufacturer’s warranty is included. The existing drive motor, oil separator and oil cooling system are reused. The existing control system may also be re-used although GEA’s latest control system can also be supplied.

Benefits of a GGCK

  • Future proof upgrade at a fixed price. Budget without surprises
  • Reduced operating cost. Optimized system capacity and energy efficiency
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance cost. Up to 66% longer interval between major overhauls
  • New, high quality, state of the art GEA Screw Compressor. Low noise and vibration level.
  • Re-use main components, quicker and less expensive than replacing the complete compressor package
  • No need for machine room alterations.  Fully supported by GEA with standard warranty for new GEA components
  • Possible to re-use existing control system or upgrade to latest GEA OmniTM control system
  • Less engineering time for you. Fully engineered GEA solution
  • GEA Omni Retrofit Panel
  • PR-OLEO® Ammonia Refrigeration Oils

GEA Omni Retrofit Panel

The Intuitive Touch for Screw and Piston Compressor Control. Powerful, yet approachable. Cerebral, yet intuitive. Sophisticated, yet simple. Simply – GEA Omni.

GEA is synonymous with innovation, leadership and precision-engineered solutions. GEA Omni Retrofit Panels extend this tradition. Featuring a high-definition, multi-touch screen, GEA Omni delivers the ease of use and technical wow factor that GEA customers have come to expect.

Upgrade your screw and piston compressor control

GEA Service offers this standard retrofit solution for industrial screw and piston compressors, ensuring operators’ continued success. GEA Omni Retrofit Panels have already proved their worth with compressor packages from many manufacturers including Mycom, Frick, Sabroe and Stal.

Easy to connect

The GEA Omni Retrofit Panel includes hardware designed to allow the connection of different types of compressor sensors, motor current sensors and solenoid coil voltages. This reduces the number of loose shipped items to a minimum, thus simplifying and reducing installation time. Compressor-specific electrical drawings and preconfigured software are provided on a GEA USB drive.

Easy communications

By simply connecting GEA Omni Retrofit Panels to an Ethernet network, the use of wireless technology and smart phone or tablet viewing is possible. Authorized service staff and service companies can access the control system remotely and GEA Omni can send email and text message notifications. For connection to other control systems, GEA Omni Retrofit Panels support Modbus TCP/IP protocols for data exchange.

GEA Peace of Mind

GEA Omni consists of a single design engineered to meet the needs of a global customer base. Preconfigured in more than 25 languages, GEA Omni carries the benefit of global sales and support. Operators rest easy knowing their facility is controlled by a product that is invented, manufactured, and backed by the worldwide leader in refrigeration control panel technology.

Quick access to invaluable on-screen tools

  • Maintenance tracking and alerts
  • Historical trending
  • Manuals, drawings and videos
  • Ability to upload user-generated materials
  • Diagnostic tools and troubleshooting aids

PR-OLEO® Premium-Quality Ammonia Refrigeration Oils

PR-OLEO® premium-quality ammonia refrigeration oils are highly refined 2-stage hydrocracked lubricants formulated specifically for use in ammonia refrigeration systems with either reciprocating or screw compressors.

Applications and compatibility

Two versions of PR-OLEO® C-MH68A are available:

  • PR-OLEO® C-MH68A – For use in new applications or when replacing other lubricants, contains seal conditioner
  • PR-OLEO® C-MH68A-FG – NSF H1 registered Food Grade for use in new applications where food safety is of critical importance

Main customer benefits

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • NSF H1 registered Food Grade option
  • Increased safety
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Suitable for piston and screw compressors
  • Reduced stock requirements

Technical properties

Main Properties PR-OLEO® C-MH68A PR-OLEO® C-MH68A-FG
Viscosity@ 40 ℃ (cSt) 64 62
Viscosity@ 100 ℃ (cSt) 8.7 8.57
Viscosity Index 108 107
Pour Point ℃ -42 -42
Flash Point ℃ 245 240


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