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About Southern Sales & Services

Southern Sales & Services Ltd, who employ a staff of 12, are now well known throughout the industry as a highly respected supplier of high quality new and re-manufactured compressors, condensers and parts.

Supporting a wide variety of applications

Since starting out, we now support an increasingly wide range of applications from mobile air-conditioning,  to off-shore platform cooling.

As stockists for the majority of the best-known names in the business, we offer a huge range of new and re-manufactured parts and back this with a specialist service to support our customers.

Custom Design Work

The company also take on consultation and some custom design work, this can include the building installation and commissioning of the finished equipment.

We are ideally set up to offer quality solutions to our customers for all types of applications. This is partly due to our experience but also Bock condensing units and compressors play a big part in the design of equipment for custom cooling applications.

The company have designed quite a number of systems now as well as offering solutions to other companies for their engineers to assemble.

Recent projects include:

  • an industrial candle cooler
  • a marine cargo hold chiller
  • a refrigerant drying plant
  • a split zone tour bus A/C system
  • process cooling design
  • offshore zone 1 habitat ACU
  • cold store pack system
  • various specialist A/C systems

ISO9001RegUKAS-PosISO 9001 Certified

The company was approved for ISO 9001 in 1998 and has recently achieved the new 9001/2K standard. This standard embraces the running on the company in general as well as the entire compressor rebuild process.

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