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Bitzer Compressors for Mobile Applications

Comfort is Important

A certain degree of comfort is important to people everywhere – at work and during leisure time. This includes a good climate in particular. The multifunctional BITZER compressors maintain a level of comfort on buses and trains, in crane cabs and in trucks.


To make travel by bus as relaxing as possible, BITZER offers an extensive range of lightweight, compact compressors – for any type of bus. Regardless of the outside temperature, each journey can be an enjoyable experience.


A journey by train is about more than just getting from point A to point B: people have a chance to read, sleep or work and therefore need an environment in which they feel at home. And that’s where systems with BITZER compressors come in, whether it’s a long journey or the daily commute to the office.

Driver’s cab

Whether it’s the operator of a crane or construction machinery or a farmer in a combine harvester, they all work in extreme conditions in the summer and driver’s cabs can get really hot. Systems with high-performance BITZER compressors can provide the necessary air conditioning.



Ship air conditioning

Cruise and container ships have to travel through all sorts of climate zones around the world and are therefore well prepared for a whole host of weather conditions. Systems with BITZER compressors maintain just the right temperature for both the onboard supplies and passengers at all times.

Bitzer Compressors for Mobile Applications

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