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GEA – for Travel

Good air while travelling – Bus climate control with GEA Bock

Southern Sales & Services supply thousands of GEA Bock open type compressors, service and replacement parts which are in operation all over the world in all kind of applications. Our systems offer numerous solutions for meeting state-of-the-art refrigeration technology requirements.

The GEA Bock compressors are available in a diverse range of models, sizes as well as the latest compressor electronic control technology. Safe and reliable air-conditioning is the key to passengers travel using climate controlled technology with GEA Bock compressors in Bus and Coach – ensure a consistent, pleasant temperature any time, any place. We offer two interesting solutions for bus air-conditioning. The FK series mobile compressor and the HG series semi-hermetic compressor in a lightweight aluminium design.

GEA Bock Bus Air-conditioning Animated Movie

Back in the 1960’s, Bock was one of the first companies to get involved in the air-conditioning of vehicles.

From these early beginnings, Bock became the specialist for refrigerant compressors for bus air-conditioning.

Now practically all renowned bus and coach manufacturers now count on climate controlled systems with the GEA Bock FK30, FK40 and FK50 compressors. These compressors are the benchmark for quality and reliability in bus and coach air-conditioning.

They contain the expertise garnered from over 40 year’s experience in the field of vehicle air-conditioning.

Especially for use in air-conditioning systems in electrically-operated buses and railway air-conditioning systems, GEA Bock now also offers a special lightweight aluminium version of the semi-hermetic HG compressor for mobile applications. These compressors weigh approx. 40% less than comparable standard compressors and are available with 7 displacement levels.

Good air while travelling – Train & Rail climate control with GEA Bock

GEA Bock compressors specially developed for future-orientated Train and Rail air-conditioning systems specifically for use on tracks.

With our broad portfolio, we are prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s demands of air-conditioning systems for individual solutions and new project developments.

In recent years, GEA Bock has developed special compressors for future-orientated air-conditioning systems specifically for use on tracks. And in more than one respect.

GEA Bock offers innovative solutions for use in today’s standard refrigerants. The aluminium version of the HG series, for instance, designed specifically for mobile applications. Compressors which, thanks to their lightweight aluminium design, save around 40% in weight over the same size of conventional series compressor.

Another example is the HG34P model version with an extremely powerful 2-pole drive motor. Operating at 2,900 instead of 1,450 revolutions per minute, it delivers an unprecedented performance for its size.

Our product catalogue contains a wealth of information about the individual GEA Bock product ranges that ensure a pleasant climate in trains made by leading manufacturers all over the world.

Other leading brands – for Travel

Eberspächer Sütrak – Climate systems for buses

Eberspächer Sütrak has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bus air-conditioning systems for more than 80 years, and it is the AC competence center for bus air conditioning and bus heating in the Eberspächer Group of Companies.

Eberspächer Sütrak regards itself as a system partner of bus manufacturers for complete thermal management in the vehicle. Eberspächer Sütrak enjoys a globally oriented sales and service network with its presence in all core markets of the bus industry. The combined expertise of Eberspächer and Sütrak in the areas of heating and cooling makes it possible to meet the needs of our customers reliably and effectively, keeping with the motto “complete thermal management for buses worldwide from a single source.”

Eberspächer Sütrak stands for products specially matched to customer requirements and for close collaboration with the customer – from the development phase through to professional after-sales service.

Thermoking – Climate systems for buses

Thermokings extensive range of HVAC equipment for small, large, articulated and double-deck buses has a common theme of high performance and low cost of ownership. The lightweight, high capacity units are exhaustively tested to ensure you enjoy maximum uptime and maximum return on your investment. Highly efficient designs and state of the art refrigerants deliver low fuel costs and minimum impact on the environment.

The range of electrically powered roof-top units provide a low noise, sustainable solution for hybrid and electric buses.

When operated, a Thermo King bus unit has the reassurance of being able to depend on market-leading after-sales support from the most extensive Dealer network in the business.

Hispacold – Climate systems for buses

Hispacold in passenger travel for the transport air conditioning sector counts on a worldwide business network. Its client portfolio includes the main operators and manufacturers.

HVAC systems can adapt to every kind of vehicle and weather, they guarantee the highest comfort for both passengers and drivers, with maximum power efficiency and minimum operating costs.

HVAC systems adapted to integration requirements, design, power and sizes, regardless of the type of vehicle (urban, interurban, hybrid or 100 % electric).

The Ecoice compressors (550cc and 660cc versions) are the core of Hispacold last generation HVAC systems. They offer the highest power and performance in the minimum space. The Ecoice is an eco product designed to provide maximum power efficacy, optimizing weight, volume and power consumption.

Other Bus and Coach Product Applications

Southern Sales & Services supply numerous products in Bus and Coach applications for the Safe and reliable climate control during passenger travel. This is the key to ensure a consistent, pleasant temperature any time, any place using some of the most desirable market leading brands such as Valeo, Sanden, Spal, Linnig and many more.

VALEO Compressors for Bus & Coach air-conditioning system

The compressor is the driving element of the cold A/C loop and is also the most complex in terms of its technology features. Valeo, thanks to its expertise, has developed a full range of new compressors with different technologies to meet most of the customers’ expectations.
A compressor is designed according to two main technologies: the piston type or the rotary type.
The Piston type is the most common. Inside the piston type, you may find swash plate technology and wobble plate technology. In terms of the rotary type, the two main technologies are vane technology and scroll technology.
Valeo compressor technologies have been given three names: DKV, DKS and DCS.
Each Valeo compressor is tested in compliance with the O.E. process: leakage, durability, noise, vibration etc.
With our wide-reaching offer you will find the compressor you need at Valeo. Thanks to its O.E. expertise and innovations in terms of technological features, Valeo is able to meet the vehicle’s requirements. Valeo compressors are optimized and designed with a perfect finish and selection of all components, particularly on the valves, bearings, pistons, swash plate and clutch, for high reliability and an enhanced performance. Valeo strives to reduce the level of noise and vibrations for driver comfort.
The compressor must be replaced after a crash, breakdown or leak. When replacing the compressor, you must check and flush the A/C loop, and change the receiver drier and the expansion valve.

SPAL Fans – Bus & Coach

Spal design, engineer and manufacture a wide range of axial fans and centrifugal blowers for the world’s most demanding markets. We have a worldwide reputation for innovation and combine commitment to best-in-class quality with advanced technology to develop our industry leading products from initial concept through to final manufacture.

We supply the latest cooling technology to the motor racing industry, which means we operate to the most exacting standards and apply those same quality standards across every sector we serve, including:

  • Automotive
  • Refrigerated Transport
  • Bus & Coach – Screen demisting – Cabin heating – Air conditioning – Engine cooling – WC extractor fans
  • Construction/Off Highway
  • Agriculture

Our range includes over 3000 products, including traditional brushed and latest generation brushless fans and blowers.

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