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Bitzer Screw Compressors

Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors

Designed for use in commercial and industrial applications, the semi-hermetic screw compressors are suitable for (H)CFC/HFC refrigerants and offer efficient mechanical capacity control. The concept of a parallel circuit with the same and different models offers high levels of reliability and versatility.

  • For Standard Refrigerants
  • For Hydrocarbons (e.g. Propylene)

For Standard Refrigerants

HS95 series

HS series

For Hydrocarbons (e.g. Propylene)

HSNP series

Semi-hermetic Frequency-controlled

The speed-regulated semi-hermetic compact screw compressors for use in industrial liquid chillers and heat pumps are true innovations. Thanks to the refrigerant-cooled frequency inverter, they achieve maximum efficiency particularly in part-load and thus the best ESEER/IPLV and SCOP figures.

For standard Refrigerants

CSV series

Semi-hermetic Compact

Equipped with mechanical capacity control and an extensive application limits diagram, the semi-hermetic compact screw compressors are suitable for use in industrial liquid chillers and heat pumps. The built-in oil-separating system facilitates simple system construction and fast installation.

  • For Standard Refrigerants
  • For Hydrocarbons (e.g. Propylene)
  • For Hazardous Atmospheres (ATEX)

For Standard Refrigerants

CSH.6 series

CS series

CSW105 series

For Hydrocarbons (e.g. Propane)

CSHP series

For Hazardous Atmoshpere (ATEX)

CSH(P).EX series

Hermetic Compact

Optimized for air conditioning technology in vehicles: the hermetic compact screw compressors are designed for use in railway carriages and coaches. With their thin design, low weight and smooth running, they’re ideal for installation in confined roof and under-floor spaces.

For Standard Refrigerants

VSK series


Open-drive screw compressors are available for (H)CFC/HFC refrigerants and for ammonia. With their high cooling capacity, they’re suitable for industrial applications and marine refrigeration systems. They can be operated with commercially available standard motors attached via standard couplings and coupling housings. A special model is available for use in explosion protection zones.

  • For Standard Refrigerants
  • For NH₃ Systems
  • For Hazardous Atmoshpere (ATEX)

For Standard Refrigerants

OS series

For NH₃ Systems

OS.A95 series

OS.A series

For Hazardous Atmospheres (ATEX)

OS.(A) ex series

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