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Valeo – Components, Controls and Pumps for Mobile Applications

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Valeo has for many years been a leading development and systems partner to bus manufacturers worldwide for individual and cost-effective HVAC concepts.

Their core objective is to design innovative solutions with a particular focus on reducing CO2 emissions without compromising vehicle performance and intuitive driving.

Southern Sales & Services are UK distributors for Valeo products and components for all mobile applications.

Please click here if you are looking for Valeo TM compressors or here for Valeo heating and cooling.

Valeo Components for Mobile Applications

Valeo have over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing products to create comfortable bus interiors. Their product innovative development have equipped Valeo for the future, and they offer a broad selection of different system components for precise individual solutions.

  • Frontbox
  • Sidewall Heater
  • E-Cooler BTM
  • UV Purifier

Air conditioning for the driver’s area

An optimally air conditioned driver’s compartment ensures peak performance, full concentration and good visibility at all times – in other words, the best working climate. Any bus driver who spends long hours at the wheel will appreciate pleasant temperatures and the maximum safety achieved through high visibility at his workplace at the front of the bus.

Low life-cycle costs

  • Lightweight construction through 100% aluminium (housing and heat exchanger) for less fuel/power consumption of vehicle and corrosion protection


  • Frontbox with brush blower (2-stage) or EC fan (infinitely variable or 3-stage)
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Installation: in the centre of the dashboard, underfloor, below or behind the driver’s seat
  • Fresh/circulation air flap system and air diffuser flaps electrically operated

Easy installation

  • Variable connections, according to vehicle and bus manufacturer’s requirements

Technical data

Air volume (free blowing) (m³/h) 1100
Heating capacity (Q100) (kW) 16
Cooling performance (kW) 6
Dimensions: w/o air duct (H x W x D in mm) 416 x 496 x 251
Dimensions: with air duct (H x W x D in mm) 528 x 496 x 251

Sidewall Heater

Valeo axial and radial sidewall heaters make a significant contribution to optimising bus heating and air-conditioning systems. Fast warm-up of the interior with ideal temperature distribution, together with service-friendliness and long service life are only a few of the many benefits of sidewall heaters.

Low life-cycle costs

  • Axial: – Long life due to optimized blower
  • Radial: – Cost-effective and versatile

Environmentally friendly

  • Axial: – Low noise level due to optimised blower


  • Double heat output compared to convectors
  • Greater comfort and fast warm-up with hot air to all seats
  • Variable length from approx. 1.7 m to 11.4 m
  • Variable heat output up to 1,500 W/m (at ∆T = 60°C)
  • Three blower directions ensure excellent heat distribution
  • Compact design with a length of 528 mm
  • Variable 2-stage air flow
  • High heat output 4.4 kW (at ∆T = 60°C)

Technical data

  Axial Radial
Heat output (kW) up to 1,500 W/m * 4.4 *
Length (m) 1.7–11.4 528 mm


The rapidly growing electrification of mobility – particularly in public transport – calls for powerful mobile energy storage systems that facilitate travel comfort.

It’s easily forgotten that these battery packs themselves are temperature-sensitive units: depending on the load or climatic region they have an aversion to excessive cold or heat. This has prompted Valeo to supplement its 5 kW E-Cooler with a new 10 kW concept.

Low life-cycle costs

  • Energy-optimized operation
  • – demand-based PWM control of compressor and fan
  • – automatic switching between passive cooling and active cooling mode
  • Pure 24 V technology at 5kW version: easy service


  • Safe operation of the battery is only guaranteed within a narrow temperature frame
  • ––> battery cooling thus has an impact on the range of the vehicle

Standalone solution with active cooling

  • Modular deployment, high flexibility depending on vehicle geometry
  • Integrated controls
  • CAN-bus connection to the vehicle
  • OPTIONAL: Passive cooling circuit, water circuit and electrical heater.

Technical data

  E-Cooler 5 kW
solution in series production
E-Cooler 10 kW
concept status
E-Cooler 10 kW
concept status
Maximum cooling capacity (kW) at:
outside temperature (°C)
of coolant outlet (°C)
of coolant flow (l/h)
Maximum power consumption (compressor / fan) 75A
at: 28,5V
compressor 10A
at: 600V
fan 21A
at: 28,5V
compressor 10A
at: 600V
fan 32A
at: 28,5V
Maximum weight depending on design (kg)
w/o coolant-carrying components
60 85 115
Voltage (compressor / fan) V 24 / 24 700 / 24 700 / 24
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 980 x 670 x 310 1,200 x 510 x 350 1,600 x 510 x 350
Filling capacity (kg)

Award winning technology

Valeo has developed the world’s most powerful air sterilisation system for bus and coach cabins. Upon activation, the system eliminates, in a single airflow cycle, more than 95% of viruses, including Covid-19, as well as any bacteria or mould present in the air circulating in the cabin.

Irrespective of the source of infection, whether inside or outside the vehicle, the Valeo-designed modules are effective throughout the vehicle’s journey with passengers onboard.


  • Scientifically tested UV-technology, real tests with COVID-19 virus
  • Shaker tested shock resistance technology
  • Use of special very thick quarz glass tubes and reliable lamp fixation to prevent glass breaking
  • Teflon coating of the lamp to prevent splinters or liquids from entering the bus interior, e.g. in the event of an accident
  • Specific arranged stray light destroyers (Scattered light labyrinth) inside the box, prevents UV stray light to leave the box, no light leaks
  • No ozone (irritant gas for humans and animals)
  • Diagnosis, flashing code for malfunction, failure or early detection of the lamp


  • Using high performance UV-C lamps emitting a wavelength of 254nm, as this is where the highest germicidal effect is achieved
  • Exposure time and intensity, blow-through speed and geometry are carefully coordinated to ensure that the air stream emerging from the box is virtually virus-free”
  • High inactivation rate of more than 95% of viruses – including Covid-19 virus – in a single airflow cycle
  • The devices are continuously working during operation while passengers are on board
  • Cleaning from floating viruses and additionally from other potentially harmful microbes, moulds and spores

Installation & maintenance

  • Flexibly applicable to OE and aftermarket
  • Easy “plug and play” installation (in-cabin solution)
  • Modular – autonomous operating – disinfection boxes (in-cabin)
  • Reliable longlife operation of UV-C lamps (up to 12,000 hrs)
  • Maintenance-free, no consumables, e.g. no filter change necessary


  • UV purifier box incorporates low-noise axial fans
  • No impact on comfort and efficiency of an existing HVAC unit
  • Autonomous operation, no pre-conditioned vehicle required

Technical data

  UV purifier VENT
Box dimensions L x W x H (mm) * 850 x 350 x 110
Total fan capacity (free-blowing) per hour and box (m³) approx. 200
UV-C lamps - Electrical performance (W) 64
- Optical performance (W) 26
Current consumption 24V (A) 3.8
Weight (kg) 11,8
Virus inactivation rate in one airflow cycle > 95%

Valeo Pumps

High efficiency, compact construction and superb reliability are the core requirements for modern circulation pumps.

  • SPump Family
  • Aquavent 5000 / 5000S
  • Aquavent 6000C / 6000SC

Electric water pumps for buses with hybrid, plugin, electro or diesel engine

Valeo‘s well-known SPump range has expanded. New versions with PWM and CAN feature variable speed control, save energy, reduce noise emission and always provide outstanding performance required for electrically powered vehicles.

The newly introduced SPump S120 is the lightest weight and most compact circulation pump of its kind within the product family. It saves space and is particularly suitable for smaller water circuits. Whereas another 500W variant convinces with a flow rate of more than 10,000 l/h.

With an extended ambient temperature range of up to 95°C at the highest level of reliability, the SPump is the best solution for water pumps available.

Low life-cycle costs

  • Leakage free, wear resistant and maintenance free due to the magnetic drive
  • Brushless EC-motor allows a long service lifetime of up to 40,000 h
  • Due to the IP6k9k classification, the pump is dust and waterproof – ideal for heavily salted winter roads and other demanding applications
  • Best efficiency point for SPump S120: Flow rate of 4,000 l/h @ 0,35 bar
  • Best efficiency point for SPump 260: Flow rate of 5,500 l/h @ 0.6 bar
  • Best efficiency point for SPump 500: Flow rate of 6,500 l/h @ 1.15 bar

Reliability & Durability

  • The extended temperature range from -40°C up to +95°C (SPump 500 CAN Tmax= +85°C) allows installation under hot ambient conditions in the bus
  • Full Protection Package – extensive self-protection and diagnosis
  • High EMC level

Environmentally friendly

  • Noise-optimized and ideally suited for use in electric or hybrid buses
  • Optimized power consumption, high efficiency and energy savings through variable speed control in the PWM & CAN SPump versions
  • Increased operational safety and comfort while reducing operating costs


  • Available communication interfaces: ON/OFF, PWM and CAN
  • Intelligent function – Error diagnosis and function monitoring of CAN versions

Technical data

  SPump S120 ON/OFF SPump S120 PWM SPump S120 CAN SPump 260 ON/OFF SPump 260 PWM SPump 260 CAN SPump 500 CAN
Power Consumption (W) 120 120 120 260 260 260 500
Flow Rate (l/h) 4,000 at 0.35 bar 4,000 at 0.35 bar 4,000 at 0.35 bar 6,000 at 0.5 bar 6,000 at 0.5 bar 6,000 at 0.5 bar 10,000 at 0,5 bar
Voltage (V) 12 / 24 12 / 24 12 / 24 24 24 24 24
Voltage range in operation (V) 9-16 (for 12V)
16-32 (for 24V)
9-16 (for 12V)
16-32 (for 24V)
9-16 (for 12V)
16-32 (for 24V)
16.5 - 32.0 16.5 - 32.0 16.5 - 32.0 16.5 - 32.0
Temp. range in operation (°C) -40 to +95 -40 to +95 -40 to +95 -40 to +95 -40 to +95 -40 to +95 -40 to +85
Protection class IP6K9K (complete pump) IP6K9K (complete pump) IP6K9K (complete pump) IP6K9K
(complete pump
depending on the plug)
(complete pump)
(complete pump)
(complete pump)
Dimensions L / D (length / diameter in mm) 170 / 125 170 / 125 170 / 125 212 / 172 212 / 172 212 / 172 212 / 172
Weight (kg) 1,7 1,7 1,7 2,3 2,3 2,6 2,6
Lifetime (h) > 30,000 > 30,000 > 30,000 30,000 30,000 40,000° 40,000°
Noise level (dB) 60 60 65 ~ 65
Magnetic coupling
Canned motor concept
Control ON/OFF PWM (universal) CAN ON/OFF PWM (active low) CAN CAN
CAN-interface - - Acc. to SAE J1939 - - Acc. to SAE J1939 Acc. to SAE J1939
Connector integrated integrated integrated Plug on demand watertight watertight watertight

° 40,000 h @ Tmax < 55°C | 30,000 h @ Tmax < 65°C | 10,000 h @ Tmax < 85°C

Robust and reliable

The Aquavent 5000 / 5000S series is extremely robust and reliable. Substantial improvements in terms of quality and service life have been made to the tried-and-tested classic of Valeo circulating pump solutions.

Aquavent 5000 / 5000S

  • Extended working lifetime through improved motor efficiency
  • No maintenance

Aquavent 5000S

  • Magnetic coupling (seal-free; basic Aquavent 5000 with mechanical seal)
  • Watertight throughout entire lifetime
  • Improved resistance to dry running and foreign bodies
  • No steam leakage

Technical data

  5000 (U 4814) 5000S (U 4854)
Flow rate (l/h) 5000
(against 0.2 bar)
(against 0.2 bar)
Nominal Power Consumption (W) 104 104
Nominal Voltage (V) 24 24
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 229 x 100 x 105 249 x 100 x 105
Operating voltage range (V) 20-28 20-28
Weight 4.6 lbs.
(2.1 kg)
4.8 lbs.
(2.2 kg)

High efficiency and superb reliability

High efficiency, compact construction and superb reliability are the core requirements for modern circulation pumps. Valeo answer is the Aquavent 6000C / 6000SC with improved performance, a modern lightweight construction and its almost maintenance free. Coupled with the application friendly variable mounting possibilities the Aquavent 6000C / 6000SC is in a class all its own.

Aquavent 6000C / 6000SC

  • Brushless EC motor with higher durability
  • 14% lighter construction than the predecessor pump results in less fuel/energy consumption of vehicle
  • Self-protection:
  • Reduced loading thanks to smooth start-up control
  • Overload protection by integrated blocking and dry running protection
  • No maintenance

Aquavent 6000SC

  • Magnetic coupling (seal-free; basic Aquavent 6000C with mechanical seal)
  • Watertight throughout entire lifetime
  • Long lifetime (comparable with motor)
  • No steam leakage

Technical data

  6000C (U4855) 6000SC (U4856)
Flow Rate (l/h) 6000
(against 0.4 bar)
(against 0.4 bar)
Nominal Voltage (V) 24 24
Nominal Power Consumption (W) 210 210
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 225 x 110 x 115 229 x 110 x 115
Operating voltage range (V) 20-28 20-28
Weight 5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg) 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)

Valeo Control Units

Intelligent thermal management is essential for optimum bus climate control.

Efficient, error-free management of component hardware is backed up by intelligent software. Climate control of the future will incorporate an increasing number of extremely complex components for reading out and evaluating the vehicle’s operating status.

  • SC100
  • SC300
  • SC400-410
  • SC600-620
  • SC1000
  • Hatch Control
  • SC Preheat
  • SC Body Interface

Convenient control unit for all bus types – Passenger department


  • Hardware, software and mechanical design by Valeo
  • Easy control of brush fans and blowers
  • Available only together with relays board

Citysphere climate control units for city buses – Passenger department


  • Outside temperature controlled
  • Fully-automatic control
  • On-board diagnosis with error code in display
  • Use in temperate zone

Robust control unit for simple demands – Passenger department


  • Hardware, software and mechanical design by Valeo
  • Water resistant front material (IP54)
  • Available only together with relay board / brush fans & blowers
  • Control of brush fans and blowers of AC unit
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Error code in display
  • Available in 12V and 24V


  • Configurable control of heating and/or fresh air flaps (SC410)

Convenient control unit for all bus types – Passenger department


  • Hardware, software and mechanical design by Valeo
  • Durable membrane keyboard made of extremely robust and water resistant material (IP54)
  • Fully automatic control (floor or roof heating/cooling/ventilating)
  • On-board diagnosis with error code in display
  • Efficient controlling of EC fans and blowers
  • Support up to 3 substations
  • Available in 12V and 24V

Complete climate control for higher standards – Driver and passenger department


  • Fully automatic control (heating/cooling)
  • Separate controls for driver and passengers
  • Integrated pre-selection timer for heating
  • On-board diagnosis with error code in display
  • Individual customization by parameterization using Valeo software
  • CAN-bus-communication to up to 4 substations

Hatch Control


  • Automatic closing system
  • Optional rain sensor integration
  • Override closing function (A/C)
  • 1 button all open / all close
  • Night illumination
  • Clear, informative display
  • Select hatch one by one
  • Easy installation: only 1 data-link cable

Technical data

  Digital Hatch Control DHC
MODUS Line - SEVEN Series
Electronic Control Unit ECU
Operating voltage (V) 12 / 24 24
Fuse (A) 0-15m 7.5A, 15-30m 15A 0-15m 7.5A, 15-30m 15A
Communication Analog, Digital LIN S-BUS Analog, Digital LIN S-BUS
Mass (kg) 0.099 0.073
Connector type 2 x MOLEX 39-01-2025 (UL94 VO)
1 x MOLEX 39-01-2065 (UL94 VO)
MPC 2.8mm 9POS 8-968971-1
Hatch Series Modus ELEON
Approval UN ECE R.10.05 UN ECE R.10.05

Pre-selection timer for heaters


  • Modern design, easily to read even under difficult lighting conditions
  • Digital 7-day pre-selection timer
  • Programming of different automatic starting times
  • Real time clock
  • Durable membrane keyboard made of extremely robust and water resistant material (IP54)
  • Power failure bypass 72 hours
  • 12h/24h modus

Intuitive HMI for complex vehicle comfort systems


  • Hardware, software and mechanical design by Valeo
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fully automatic HVAC control
  • Integration into vehicle Multiplex system via CAN
  • Separate SBI internal data bus for control of Valeo system components
  • Optional use of additional Valeo display 4.3” and extender
  • Support up to 16 substations

Substation SU 020

  • Comprehensive thermal management incorporating all necessary energy flows to heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Energy-efficient vehicle operation for electric and hybrid buses
  • Optimum use of limited energy resources in the vehicle to maximise vehicle range
  • Substation as a central unit in the modular body interface concept
  • Operation via control units SC 600, SC 1000 or integration into vehicle HMI

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