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09 May


Released earlier this year, the latest transcritical CO₂ compressor in the BOCK CO₂ range. The new HGX12 CO₂ T series is designed very specifically for small capacity ranges.

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06 May

The °Clever Art of Cooling


It is more than obvious that the world climate is constantly changing. Our planet is getting hotter and hotter and in our digital world we can observe these effects every day.

Our industry must also face up to this responsibility. Already today, 15% of the world’s electricity consumption is used for refrigeration and air conditioning. The way we deal with cold will therefore become increasingly important.

BOCK has been developing compressors for the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744) since 1993. Their compressor range for hydrocarbons (HC) has the best reputation worldwide. And in the synthetic refrigerant sector, they invest all their expertise in the further development of compressors with low-GWP refrigerants.

True to the motto “Think green – choose blue”!


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02 Nov

New BOCKlub Compressor Oils

As a leading compressor manufacturer, Bock knows what your compressor needs to keep everything running like clockwork. For a long service life, wear protection, conservation of resources with increased efficiency and the best performance for your Bock compressor, they have developed a perfectly fitting compressor oil and launched it on the market: BOCKlub.

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02 Nov
13 Apr
15 Oct
14 Oct

New Bock Open Type Compressor Series: F76 & F88

The two new F76 and F88 open compressors replaces the outgoing types F14 + F16.

The revised F series uses the new improved mexxFlow® 2.0 valve plate system, which was developed and already in use in GEA Bock’s large semi-hermetic compressors. The second generation shows even greater resistance with a consistent high efficiency. This makes it suitable for the even toughest requirements of marine applications.

For more information, please contact us, or download the GEA Bock F Series brochure here.

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28 Jan
22 Nov
12 Mar

F2 to F5 and F14 Production update

F2 to F5 and F14 Production update

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

Since July 2017 due to insolvencies at several of our suppliers we have experienced substantial delivery restrictions that has had a detrimental effect on the open type compressors F2 to F5 and F14. We have tried to relocate the affected parts to other suppliers but unfortunately this has failed due to both capacity issues and the unacceptable high costs of new equipment, tools and qualification.

Therefore, unfortunately we have to inform you that the compressor range F2 to F5 and F14 are no longer available from today. We cannot confirm any new orders, all orders that have already been confirmed will be fulfilled.

We endeavour to maintain the supply of the spare parts but at present this is not fully manageable.

As a replacement for compressor F2 to F5 you could consider our open type vehicle compressors FK20 to FK50, you may also consider from our semi hermetic range the HG22e to HG56e. Please see below comparison data for available replacement compressors…

As a replacement for compressor F14 you could consider the new F76 series which will be available from Q3 / 2018. We will of course keep you informed of any further developments on this. You may also consider as replacement of the F14 from our semi hermetic range compressors HG56e/1155 and HG6/1410. Please see below comparison data for available replacement compressors…

Due to dimensions, mounting and connection sizes as well as the different housing materials (FK20 to FK50 is aluminium) these replacement options must be checked and approved by you the customer, of course you can contact our sales team and they will assist you with any questions you may have.

We would like to mention that the larger compressors F16 and F88 are not affected.

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