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F2 to F5 and F14 Production update

F2 to F5 and F14 Production update

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

Since July 2017 due to insolvencies at several of our suppliers we have experienced substantial delivery restrictions that has had a detrimental effect on the open type compressors F2 to F5 and F14. We have tried to relocate the affected parts to other suppliers but unfortunately this has failed due to both capacity issues and the unacceptable high costs of new equipment, tools and qualification.

Therefore, unfortunately we have to inform you that the compressor range F2 to F5 and F14 are no longer available from today. We cannot confirm any new orders, all orders that have already been confirmed will be fulfilled.

We endeavour to maintain the supply of the spare parts but at present this is not fully manageable.

As a replacement for compressor F2 to F5 you could consider our open type vehicle compressors FK20 to FK50, you may also consider from our semi hermetic range the HG22e to HG56e. Please see below comparison data for available replacement compressors…

As a replacement for compressor F14 you could consider the new F76 series which will be available from Q3 / 2018. We will of course keep you informed of any further developments on this. You may also consider as replacement of the F14 from our semi hermetic range compressors HG56e/1155 and HG6/1410. Please see below comparison data for available replacement compressors…

Due to dimensions, mounting and connection sizes as well as the different housing materials (FK20 to FK50 is aluminium) these replacement options must be checked and approved by you the customer, of course you can contact our sales team and they will assist you with any questions you may have.

We would like to mention that the larger compressors F16 and F88 are not affected.

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01 Jan

We have relocated for 2018

We’re delighted to announce that Southern Sales and Services have relocated to the following address effective 01/01/2018:

20 Monks Brook Industrial Park,
School Close,
Chandlers Ford,
Hampshire, SO53 4RA

Our contact numbers remain the same:

Tel: 023 80261188
Fax: 023 80254054

Please click here to view our contact details page with map.

Finally we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our suppliers and customers a very Happy New Year and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

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07 Sep

GEA introduces a new compressor for bus air-conditioning systems at busworld 2017

GEA, the technology group and market leader for commercial compressors for mobile transportation, will be once again showcasing its competence in the mobile air-conditioning segment to visitors at this year’s busworld. The world’s biggest and most renowned trade fair for city busses and coaches will be held in Kortrijk, Belgium from October 20 to 25, 2017. GEA will be featuring proven solutions such as the FKX40/755 K compressor at booth 415 in hall 4.

In introducing the FKX40/755K compressor, GEA is expanding the FK40 series to include a model with a displacement of 755 cc, which delivers up to 15% more output than the next smaller model. The series was designed specifically for bus air-conditioning systems, includes five models and to cover capacities between 385 and 755 cm³. Thanks to its enhanced performance, the FKX40/755K is particularly suitable for use in buses with high cooling demands such as city, articulated, and inter-city buses, as it delivers high performance even at low speeds. This makes it an ideal match for modern diesel engines, which operate at relatively low revs to achieve low emissions. Because all FK40 models have identical dimensions regardless of their displacement, the powerful FKX40/755K features a high power density, meaning that it delivers more power from the same footprint. Equipped with the K valve plate that was specially designed for use in bus air-conditioning systems, the compressor can be fitted with any of the other options of the FK series.

GEA will also be presenting tried-and-tested solutions at busworld, such as the robust, speed-controlled, semi-hermetic HG series, including the HGX34e/380-4 A. GEA is offering one of the most extensive ranges of sustainable and efficient semi-hermetic compressors for airconditioning systems in trolley-, hybrid- and electric buses. The gas-cooled HG series, which is also available in a lightweight aluminum version, is distinguished by low-friction, low-noise operation, easy maintainability, high efficiency and reliability.

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07 Sep

SPE Offshore Europe 2017 Aberdeen, United Kingdom

From 5th to the 8th of September 2017 in Aberdeen at one of the UK’s largest events dedicated to the oil & gas industry SPE Offshore, GEA will be showcasing its breadth of expertise in the market. We will be presenting our equipment and services from centrifugal separation technology to gas compression solutions right through to refrigeration equipment and solutions and all of its applications.

GEA has a long term experience and process expertise in the O&G market in 3 key areas: Separation, Cooling & Refrigeration and Gas Compression. The GEA portfolio includes:

·         Process cooling

·         Chiller systems

·         Condensing units

·         Boil off gas recovery

·         Centrifuges and decanters for many oilfield applications

·         Piston and screw compressors including ATEX applications

·         Screw Compressors according to API 619 standard

·         Screw and Piston Compressor Packages

Visit our booth in Hall 1 stand G81 to see our solutions and:

·         Learn how to properly tackle even the smallest density differences when treating heavy crude oil

·         Get to know how to adapt your decanter centrifuge to have optimum solids control

·         Discover how to reduce utilities consumption in refrigeration systems and find out our new lower maintenance requirement

·         See how gas booster ensure the quick response to turbine dynamics and achieve cost saving with special flow control

·         Get to know our products including available on the stand GEA Bock HG22e ATEX Compressor, GEA OSE 10 Separator and GEA Grasso LT Series

 Press Release

GEA presents its full product portfolio at SPE Offshore 2017

Download press release


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28 May

GEA introduces new air-cooled condensing units – GEA Bock SHG44e/-L

GEA Bock SHG44e/-L air-cooled condensing units with proven reliability and optimized efficiency

In 2014 GEA introduced the new and more efficient semi-hermetic compressor range GEA Bock HG44e to the market  to replace the HG4 range and offers key advantages over the previous range: the 4-cylinder compressor combines the well-tried reliability and running smoothness of the preceding model HG4 with new and enhanced efficiency!

The advantages of the HG44e range have now been transferred to the air-cooled condensing units: the new range of the GEA Bock SHG44e/-L was launched in April 2015. The SHG44e/-L range with four model sizes covers the range of maximum displacements from 41.3 to 67.0 m³/h.

Compared to its predecessor, the GEA Bock SHG44e series now has four instead of three model sizes. The customer benefits from a more compact and efficient compressor for its application and customer specific needs can be addressed more efficiently.

In addition, the largest version, the SHG44e/770-4 compressor, offers almost 20 % more displacement with its 67.0 m³/h than the largest SHG4 model and replaces the smallest model size of the former SHG5 range with 62.9 m³/h.

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21 Nov

New assembly line for GEA Bock FK vehicle compressors

Men at work - New assembly line for GEA Bock FK vehicle compressors


To continue to offer its customers a maximum of quality, reliability, flexibility, and supplier dependability, GEA has invested in a new assembly line at its location in Frickenhausen (Germany). Beginning now, this plant will manufacture GEA Bock FK vehicle compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning: compressors of the FK30, FK40, and FK50 series. Production takes place according to the principle of line assembly.

These open type piston compressors represent the core component of many air conditioning systems used by prominent bus manufacturers. In addition, these compressors – with 2, 4, or 6 cylinders – are extensively used for rail air conditioning and transport refrigeration of goods.

The benefits of the new GEA Bock assembly line result from an automated fault prevention system as well as from close linking of the assembly processes with the respective customer requirements. The orders are scanned with barcode, which provides our assembly line colleagues with all required order-related drawings and details on a monitor during compressor assembly. This assures better linking of special customer requirements (for shut-off valves, to take one example) with the flow of equipment being assembled – and enables immediate detection of any anomalies during assembly.

Testing of the compressors is especially matched to the respective product type and to specific customer requirements. All compressors undergo helium tests for tightness and general functional tests. A special test stand assures reliable and efficient analysis of all functions and parameters. This guarantees the customer a maximum of safety and reliability for all functions and performance data.

The assembly processes run according to standardized procedures that enable more flexible reactions in handling large order input – with resulting increase in production volume. Production of the compressors takes place at consecutive assembly stations. At each station, the assembly worker has exactly the materials and the special tools that he needs for that step in the assembly line process.

Steffen Schmid, responsible for planning and management of the FK assembly line: “As a result of our innovation, we have succeeded in eliminating waste in our process. Predictive recognition of faults is now possible. We can now take positive action to prevent defects and to further enhance our very high quality standards. There is clear separation between assembly and logistics. We consider value-adding activities entirely apart from non-value-adding activities, and we avoid mixing the orders.”

As a result of restructuring of in-house procedures and processes, GEA can now not only enhance its quality in production of FK compressors, but can also better satisfy customers’ needs and specifications.


Assembly of a GEA Bock FK40 compressor at the new assembly line

Assembly of a GEA Bock FK40 compressor at the new assembly line


At this test bench, every FK compressor is tested and cleared before delivery to the customer

At this test bench, every FK compressor is tested and cleared before delivery to the customer


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12 Nov

Christmas Opening Hours

Please note we are operating restricted opening hours over the Christmas Holiday this year.

Date Hours Delivery
Wednesday 24th 0800 – 1200  Monday 29th
Thursday 25th Closed  –
Friday 26th Closed  –
Monday 29th 0800 – 1600  Tuesday 30th
Tuesday 30th 0800 – 1600 Wednesday 31st
Wednesday 31st 0800 – 1600  Monday 5th
Thursday 1st Closed  –
Friday 2nd 0800 – 1600  Monday 5th
Mon 5th (Onwards) Business as normal  Tuesday 6th


Our opening days and times are above, with corresponding delivery estimates.

Thank you for your custom in 2014, and we look forward to supporting you and your business in 2014.

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12 Aug

The new GEA Bock F28 compressor

GEA Bock F28 – More powerful and more efficient intelligent design

Image of GEA Bock F28 compressor

Bochum (Germany), August 7, 2014 – At the Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology
International Trade Fair (SMM) from September 9 to 12 in Hamburg, GEA will present the new GEA
Bock F28 compressor models for marine applications. Despite their large displacement these
compressors fit through any common ship’s door, which makes for simple installation. With its
new F28 series, GEA offers a maximum of reliability, flexibility, and operational safety for the
maritime industry, which often depends on open piston compressors with external drive motors.

The largest model from the GEA Bock F28 series offers a displacement of up to 553 m³/h, which means that GEA has closed a performance gap in its product portfolio. In the design of these new 8-cylinder models, GEA combines the expertise from GEA Bock compressors in smaller and medium-sized output ranges with that from large GEA Grasso compressors for industrial refrigeration facilities.

Compared to competitors’ models in this output range, the F28 – thanks to compact dimensions – demonstrates considerably less weight and size, which significantly simplifies installation as well as transport. Despite its great displacement, it is easy to move the F28 through any common ship’s door. This means that no expensive work is necessary on the ships bulkheads, which must be removed for conventional compressor models.

Also with respect to efficiency, the F28 compressor sets new standards for open piston compressors.  As with the previously largest GEA compressors from the F18 series, the GEA Bock mexxFlow valve system is also used in F28 compressors. This valve system features double lamellar ring design for the valve plate, with optimized flow characteristics, in combination with a cylinder head especially designed for use with this valve plate. By use of this valve system, GEA enhances the efficiency of the compressor by approx. 15 %, compared to the employment of conventional valve-plate engineering. This solution guarantees more cooling duty with less power consumption.

The F28 can basically be operated with all widely used refrigerants. At the fair SMM, the model series presented will provisionally feature only operation with synthetic refrigerants, which will be available in 2015.

The new GEA Bock F28 compressor – never seen before

Image of GEA Bock F28 compressor

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