15 Oct

New semi-hermetic Bock LG compressor range – a pioneering solution for low-GWP HFO refrigerants

The brand new LG range comes in seven model sizes with 25 capacity stages: With the new LG range (LG = Low GWP), which has been specially designed for use with low-GWP HFO refrigerants, the refrigeration and air-conditioning specialist GEA Bock will in future offer a semi-hermetic compressor portfolio with suitable compressor technology for all synthetic refrigerants.

This includes both the common HFC fluids and the new HFO low-GWP fluids with a GWP value of less than 150. “This will enable planners and operators to implement individually configurable, economical system solutions for future-proof refrigerants that safely and sustainably meet the requirements for the global phase-down of F-gases – as regulated in the F-Gas Regulation and the Kigali Amendment, among others,” says Dalibor Sandor, Product Manager at GEA Bock in Frickenhausen.

The global market launch will take place in October 2020. You can read more in the official release here: https://www.gea.com/en/news/trade-press/2020/new-bock-lg-compressors.jsp

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