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Bitzer Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels

Water-cooled Condensers

Compact shell and tube condensers can be optimally built into the condensing units and work at a consistently high level even over longer periods of operation. The heat exchanger pipes feature a “low fouling” profile on the coolant side and are also available in a seawater-resistant copper-nickel design.

Shell And Tube Evaporators

Dry-expansion evaporators designed with ‘U-tube’ or with a single-pass design, combined with patented refrigerant distribution systems, offer the best performance and the lowest approach between evaporation temperature and water-leaving temperature for positive, medium and low (down to –40°C) applications. A selection of materials and a wide approval choice is available. Flooded evaporators offer the highest efficiency available in the industry.

  • Dry Expansion Evaporators
  • Flooded Evaporator

Liquid Receivers

The horizontal and vertical liquid receivers are available for (H)CFC/HFC refrigerants, ammonia, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide and fulfill the various requirements of refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Operating temperatures of –10°C to 120°C are possible with a maximum pressure of 33 bar.

Oil Separators

Oil separators boast high efficiency, exceptional reliability and minimal oil carry-over rates. They’re used in compounding systems with several screw compressors in a single circuit. Alternatively, combined oil separators with built-in primary and secondary stages are available for flooded systems.

Oil Coolers

BITZER offers five condenser series that can be used in HFC and HFO systems. Notably low approach performances can be reached with standard capacities of up to 1680 kW. Water cooled and air cooled oil coolers ensure additional cooling, with low pressure drop values and reduced energy consumption.

For Standard Refrigerants

Water-cooled Oil Coolers

Sound Absorbers

Pulsation mufflers reduce discharge gas pulsations in the discharge lines and considerably lower vibration in systems should they reach a critical level. This, in turn, reduces the risk of damage resulting from leakage or pipe fractures. Pulsation mufflers are not a replacement for expert design/operation of refrigeration systems.

For Standard Refrigerants

SD series

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