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Car A/C Training Rigs

Tony Dowell had foreseen the potential growth in the Car air conditioning service and repair sector due to the ever increasing number of vehicles that were emerging with A/C fitted as standard. The company did start to undertake some service work but Jules Freeman soon reconised that it would be far more beneficial to the company to provide training in refrigeration instead. An initial non-accredited vehicle A/C course was put together and delivered from the company’s premises. Later a small training room was built which is still in use today. The course was highly successful but Jules recognised that it was important for students to have the opportunity to gain the now industry standard C&G 2078 Refrigerant handling certificate.

Jules and a former manager of the company under went C&G assessor and internal verifier training and assessment and gained centre approval in 2000 initially offering the C&G 2078. Airparts Europe approached Jules at the centre with the view to offering the 6048 in the South of England. “Paul approached me and said “now your a C&G centre why not offer the 6048″ it fitted into our plans excellently” Recalls Jules.

Following a centre visit by Paul, Southern Sales and Services LTD were approved and were then able to offer both the 2078 and 6048 in one three-day course and assessment.

Jules already had a background in commercial refrigeration and refrigerated shipping containers, but had also worked extensively on car A/C. He had worked as an electrician for a large plant hire company on mains and low voltage equipment and had worked as an auto electrician. This meant that he had gained a wealth of experience over many years

“One of the benefits of our centre is our ability to accommodate a wide range of fields within the industry. We can deliver the 6048, but if a student is required to work on say Coach A/C, or transport refrigeration, then we can include this in the course. Sometimes it may be necessary to extend the course by an extra half or full day to accommodate the specialist training, but the student will obtain further quality knowledge that is specific to his or her field of work”

The company had developed an A/C training rig which was being sold to colleges and training centres around the world. The unit which is a complete vehicle A/C system fitted to an aluminum base is capable of simulating 4 common faults. Blocked TEV, Blocked Receiver drier, and system under condensing. Many other features make this the ultimate refrigeration training aid, you can demonstrate superheat settings, use for recovery and charging during assessments, demonstrate adding system lubricant, liquid slugging, icing back, evaporator deodorizing, air on air off etc.

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