21 Aug

New Agent for US and Canadian Distribution

Earlier this year, Southern Sales & Services have expanded to offer products direct into the US and Canada, by entering into a partnership with US-based Thermo By Products, to supply BOCK compressors and parts specifically for the US and Canadian markets.

Central to this arrangement is for supply of the new BOCK UL compressor range. These compressors are a stand-alone series that combines all the advantages of the standard semi-hermetic HGe series with the specific North American UL requirements. UL stands for the U.S. company “Underwriters Laboratories (UL)”. It tests and certifies products for their safety.  In addition to the UL certification, the new BOCK compressor series is very energy-efficient (e-marking in the type code), robust and compact.

You can read more about the BOCK HG UL Series here.

You can find out more about Thermo By Products on their website here.

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