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Danfoss Compressors

Southern Sales & Services supplies an extensive range of Danfoss compressors for both air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Danfoss air conditioning compressors support system designs for high efficiency performance and for the use of alternative refrigerants for light commercial, commercial and industrial HVAC applications such as chillers, rooftops units, process cooling and packaged units etc.

Danfoss refrigeration compressors are energy efficient, sustainable and smart refrigeration compressors for a varied range of commercial applications such as cold rooms, ice making machines, display windows & glass door merchandisers, and process cooling. When used with lower GWP refrigerants it makes them compliant with refrigerant regulations such as F-Gas in Europe.

All Danfoss components are manufactured and tested to meet the highest quality standards.

If you need help selecting the correct products for your application please get in touch. If you’re looking for Danfoss components click here.

Danfoss Compressors for Air Conditioning

  • Heating Scrolls - HHP
  • Heating Scrolls - PSH
  • Scrolls - S & H and IDV
  • Inverter Scrolls - VZH

Danfoss Heating Scroll Compressors – HHP

Reduced energy consumption while minimising the environmental impact is a critical feature that heat pump customers are looking for today. The Danfoss HHP Scroll range has been designed specifically with you and your customers’ contemporary needs in mind.

  • Highly efficient with low environmental impact
  • Low sound level for greater comfort
  • Efficient in extreme conditions
  • Operates with R407C

Danfoss Heating Scroll Compressors – PSH

The hot solution for cooler climates and extreme conditions. The PSH scroll compressors series are unique, simple and economical.

The PSH 20-40 kW range is the simple, compact, energy-efficient and economical solution for R410A commercial heat pumps with system reliability, fewer components and reduced downtime.

  • A dedicated range, optimized for heat pumps operating in cold climates and extreme conditions
  • Innovative liquid injection technology minimising applied costs
  • A high reliability reducing downtime

Danfoss Scrolls – S & H and IDV Technology

Danfoss scroll compressors H and S series have been used for more than 10 years in R410A HVAC units. With a very wide application envelope they suit varied applications such as rooftops, chillers or process cooling, reducing the number of items held in reference and inventory.

The Danfoss Scrolls with IDVs come with an even wider operating envelope for higher flexibility in system designs for a wide range of applications.

New technology implemented in 2016: Danfoss Scrolls with IDVs – DCJ (7.5-10T), DSH (7.5-40T)

  • Wide range with wide application envelope suit varied applications
  • Innovative IDV technology further enhances part-load efficiency with minimal redesign costs
  • Bringing a new level of compressor robustness and system reliability
  • Manifold configurations with high reliability for staged modulations

Danfoss Inverter Scroll Compressors – VZH

Danfoss inverter scroll compressor VZH is the second generation of scroll compressors offering variable speed technology for commercial applications in air conditioning.

It allows OEMs to stand out in the commercial HVAC and process cooling marketplaces from 4 to 52 TR (15 – 184 kW) and to exceed the upgraded energy level requirements.

Boost your packaged air conditioning units, rooftops, chillers with the Danfoss VZH range.

  • Widest range of Inverter Scrolls, from 4 to 52TR in hybrid tandem (15-184 kW)
  • A prequalified compressor and drive package from a single supplier to reduce time to market and enhance reliability
  • A second generation featuring IDVs and Permanent Magnet Motor that provides 5% higher part load efficiency versus existing alternatives inverter scrolls
  • Drives with EMC compliance, built-in harmonic filters, suitability for varied climates, embedded Modbus protocol
  • Accurate temperature control, low starting current, high energy efficiency and low acoustic level with variable speed technology
  • Ease of application and high system reliability

Danfoss Compressors for Refrigeration

  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Refrigeration Scroll Compressors
  • Mobile DC Cooling Compressors

Danfoss Reciprocating Compressors

A range of robust compressors based on more than 40 years of experience in the field.

A Danfoss reciprocating compressor from fractional to 26HP can be used in commercial applications for refrigeration including various applications such as cold rooms, milk tanks, air dryers running in a wide range of operating conditions in medium and low temperature applications.

  • Integral compressors available in a large variety of single or tandem models
    500+ models of Light Commercial Compressors from 40 W to 4750W, 1500+ options
  • Operate under extreme conditions with reliability and a long lifetime expectancy
  • Wide operation range in low, medium and high temperatures
  • Multi-refrigerants to optimize stock area and inventory
  • Go Green with R290 and R600a refrigerants on Light Commercial Compressors

Danfoss Refrigeration Scroll Compressors

High efficiency and reliability even in low temperature; with MLZ and LLZ, take advantage of a scroll compressor for refrigeration that is efficient by design. The MLZ and LLZ series are purpose-engineered for applications at medium and low temperatures.

The compressors suit a wide range of operating conditions in different cooling systems. They can be used with vapor injector and LLZ is also available with liquid injection to deliver higher capacities and efficiency.

  • Compact and highly reliable scroll range for LBP and HBP applications
  • Energy efficient by design with a wide range of operating conditions
  • Multi-refrigerant scrolls save on inventory
  • Cut down operating costs and meet the food standards
  • Ideal for rack systems, cold rooms, milk cooling
  • Optional vapour or liquid injection increases efficiency and cooling capacity

Danfoss Mobile DC Cooling Compressors

Danfoss offers a range of outstanding DC compressors for portable boxes, cars, vans, boats, trucks and more. Danfoss has transcended the barriers for mobile refrigeration. The excellent performance of the DC series safeguards food, medical supplies and telecommunications.

  • Outstanding DC compressors for people in motion
  • Highly reliable and efficient solutions safeguard food, medical supplies and telecomms equipment.
  • Electronic control unit with built-in speed control, thermostat signal, thermal protection, safety against destructive battery discharge

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