28 Jan

New GEA Bock HG66e & HG88e/2400 Available February 2019

Since 2011 GEA Bock has been working on the optimisation of the semi-hermetic series to become the market leader in efficiency and robustness. We are delighted to report that they have now achieved this milestone, and that the new GEA Bock 6-Cylinder compressor HG66e will be available from mid-February this year.

The new HG66e series is going to replace the biggest HG6 compressors, as well as the complete HG7 series. The new series HG66e is characterised by a high efficiency, quiet operation and attractive prices.

GEA have also updated the smallest compressor of the HG88e series, with the new HG88e/2400, which will be also be available at the same time. The HG88e/2400 is going to replace the HG8/2470.

You can find more details in these documents:

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