13 Apr

GEA Bock becomes Bock Gmbh

As of March 2021, the planned move away of BOCK from the GEA Group has been completed. Bock now trades as an independent company: BOCK Gmbh.

In a statement on their new website which is currently under-construction they say:

Under the motto “color the world of tomorrow”, we are now presenting ourselves to the market with a completely renewed image that reflects our many years of expertise in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology in a fresh and innovative way. With “The °Clever Art of Cooling”, we are focusing on a promise to our customers: to master the “art” of providing innovative, sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions for cooling and air-conditioning that meet our customers’ requirements precisely and future-proof – in other words, “°Clever”.

We continue to provide all of the Bock products formerly produced under the GEA Group. As always we will aim to provide excellent advice and product support and can help with any enquiries you have regarding the transition or any products affected.

The new Bock website will be available here once completed.

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