02 Nov

New BOCKlub Compressor Oils

As a leading compressor manufacturer, Bock knows what your compressor needs to keep everything running like clockwork. For a long service life, wear protection, conservation of resources with increased efficiency and the best performance for your Bock compressor, they have developed a perfectly fitting compressor oil and launched it on the market: BOCKlub.

BOCK compressors have a well-earned reputation as best in class and ensure the reliable operation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps worldwide. Each component is designed for perfect interaction, and the new BOCKlub is an important component in that mix.

BOCKlub – best-in-class compressor oils

  • Wide range of applications from low temperature to heat pumps
  • Excellent viscosity/temperature behavior
  • High chemical and thermal stability
  • Quality tested in long-term tests
  • Regular quality control and validation with new refrigerants
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with natural and synthetic refrigerants
  • Easy upgrade* from previously used oils
  • Operation limit extension for BOCK HC compressors

* except BOCK HC compressors

For more information, please contact us or Read more about BOCKlub here

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