07 Jun

New Fans for Bock ErP Air-cooled Condensing Units

Bock are changing their range of condensing units to meet ErP regulation (eco-design), and as a result the fans have also been changed to use exclusively use highly efficient AC fans in their air-cooled condensing units.

The previously used fans with diameters of 420, 450 and 500 mm have been replaced by a uniform fan with a diameter of 450mm. The deviating air performance and the resulting condenser performance is compensated or even improved by the optimised heat exchangers. Of course, you can still rely on the robustness and reliability of Bock condensing units.

The new Bock condensing units, adapted to the highest eco-design requirements, receive a new designation key DK 076.

Please note that the new (from DK 076) and previous (up to DK 076) fans and heat exchangers are not interchangeable. The spare parts supply for the previous fans is ensured until further notice.



Fan Kit Part No. DK Condensing Unit
D450 / 230V / 1 Ph. / 50/60Hz 82222 from 076 (NEW)
D420 / 230V / 1 Ph. / 50/60Hz 82124 up to 076
D450 / 230V / 1 Ph. / 50/60Hz 82125 up to 076
D500 / 230V / 1 Ph. / 50/60Hz 80332 up to 076
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