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GEA – In touch with chemicals

We provide a comprehensive range of options and custom specs for petrochemical application refrigeration and air conditioning.

This is backed by our standard key product range includes new and reconditioned refrigeration compressors, spares, packaged air conditioning, controls and refrigeration controls. All supported by our wealth of experience and custom design capabilities.

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Cooling and Refrigeration Solutions for Petrochemical Applications

The (petro)chemical market is flourishing worldwide. Our involvement in the chain of purchasing, logistics and reselling has also made us experts at handling raw materials. Chemical products such as vehicle fuels, plastics, paint, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs are important export products all over the globe.

As a result,  process industries are looking to replace existing equipment and will be requiring extra capacity for the future. This will involve tightly planned engineering for cooling processes, tanks and (exhaust) gases, and the guarantee that down-times are kept to a minimum in the continuity process.

Our chemical customers already have a great deal of technical knowledge in house. For their part, our staff know exactly where their engineering fits in. They understand the interaction between the customer’s production processes and the mechanical cooling processes needed. Account is taken of all internal procedures and safety regulations, guaranteeing a quality product with minimal maintenance.

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