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GEA Plusbox Outdoor Condensing Unit

Southern Sales & Services supply effective immediately, the new GEA Plusbox offering for the first time a series of modularly built-up outdoor complete condenser sets based on semi-hermetic GEA Bock compressors and GEA condensers.

Through the modular building-block principle of the GEA Plusbox, the new complete condenser set can be configured according to the individual requirements of the system builder. And so components and the scope of delivery can be adapted as needed and individual parts can be selected freely.

The GEA Plusbox is available in the design variants Basic, Plug & Play and individually expanded and is produced exclusively with the proven semi-hermetic GEA Bock compressors. Semi-hermetic compressors can be used extremely flexibly, due to their universal refrigerant suitability, and distinguish themselves with their high reliability and long service life.

The good energy efficiency and service-friendly spatial conditions are among the major advantages of the GEA Plusbox. With a considerably higher COP (coefficient of performance) than comparable condenser set from other manufacturers, the new Plusbox is a pioneer with regards to energy.

Despite its compact dimensions, the GEA Plusbox has generous spatial conditions, which makes work on the device easier. Pre-assembly and delivery of the complete Plusbox unit offers additional service-friendliness.

Among the classic application areas of the GEA Plusbox are refrigerator and freezer rooms, convenience stores and filling station shops.

Starting immediately, GEA Technologies is offering the GEA Plusbox at first with GEA Bock compressors of size HG34e (cooling outputs of approx. 10 to 15 kW at normal cooling conditions; R404A at -10°C evaporation temperature and 32°C ambient temperature).

An expansion of the GEA Plusbox model assortment is planned.

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