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GEA Bock Compact Piston Compressors

Southern Sales & Services supply compact piston F Compressors for drive with standard motors via V-belt or direct clutch. Flexible motor arrangement allows for practically all drive-related requirements. Suitable for all current refrigerants, also NH3.

The F model series provides modern open type compressors for separate drive systems (using V belts or direct couplings). Load transfer through a V pair. Virtually all drive capacity requirements can be met.

Very compact compressor design, robust and easy to handle. Oil pump lubrication as standard.

Special features:

  • Compact construction
  • Robust and easy to handle
  • Suitable for V-belt and coupling drive
  • Large number of applications with a wider rpm range
  • Naturally with oil pump lubrication
  • NEW GEA Bock F18
  • GEA Bock F Compressors
  • GEA Bock F NH3 Compressors

 The New GEA Bock F18 Piston Compressor

In industrial as well as maritime applications, system operators often use open type piston compressors with an external drive when a high degree of reliability, flexibility and operational safety is required. Especially for these application fields, GEA Technologies now presents the new GEA Bock compressor models F18 of the established GEA Bock F-series.With F18 compressor GEA now closes the gap between the GEA product lines GEA Bock and GEA Grasso.

The construction of the new 8-cylinder compressor models GEA combines the know-how in the small and medium output range with know-how in the higher output range. To meet the high quality demands of open-type compressors in this capacity range, GEA focuses on uncompromising quality. A plasma-nitrocarburized crankshaft for example drives the eight pistons of the compressor.   At the same time, the F18 compressor sets new benchmark standards for open-type piston compressors.For the first time, the GEA Bock mexxFlow valve system is used in this compressor.

The mexxFlow system is a flow-optimized double-ring design of the valve plate in combination with a cylinder head especially designed for the valve plate. Due to the use of this valve system, GEA is able to increase the efficiency of the compressor by 15%, compared to the use of standard valve plate technology. With these results, the F18 reaches a new level of efficiency for compressors of this type.When it comes to size and weight of the compressor, the F18 is also significantly smaller than competitors in this capacity range. A fact that makes the compressor much easier to handle, for instance for transportation or when taking it into a machine room.   The F18 compressor is available for standard refrigerants with the start of the Chillventa. A special version for the established refrigerant for industrial systems NH3 (Ammonia) will follow.

GEA F Compressors

The F model series offers modern open compressors for external drive (via V-belt or clutch). Force transmission is by a form-fitting shaft connection. Nearly all drive-related requirements are possible. The compressor design is very compact, robust and easy to handle, naturally with oil pump lubrication.

Special features:

  • Driven via V-belt or direct clutch
  • Suitable for conventional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants

GEA mexxFlow® valve plate system

More refrigerating capacity and lower power consumption – this is the motto of the mexxFlow® valve plate system, which will form the heart of several new GEA compressor generations in future. Concerning the increase in energy efficiency of semi-hermetic compressors, one focus of compressor manufacturers has always been on the valve plate system. It is necessary to release the energy, which is applied by an electric motor, efficiently to the refrigerating circuit while realizing minimal energy losses. GEA has also put its focus of continuous development of reciprocating compressors on the valve plate system – the mexxFlow® system now reflects the result of this development work.

GEA was successful in increasing the efficiency of its compressors by around 15 % thanks to a flow-optimized double ring fin construction of the valve plate in combination with a cylinder head, which is specially adapted to the valve plate. Thus, open type as well as semi-hermetic commercial GEA compressors achieve new records in terms of efficiency.

F compressors
Current types Displacement (1450 rpm) m³/h
F2 10.5
F3 20.3
F4 40.5
F5 73.7
F14 101.4 119.0
F16 152.2 178.4

More information about the F compressors (e.g. technical/performance data, drawings, spare part lists, operating limits) can be found in the compressor selection tool VAP via the following link: VAP compressor selection F compressors

GEA Bock F NH3 Compressors

As an alternative to the established refrigerating compressors in the F series, GEA also offers the F NH3 series for operation with ammonia (R717). The compressors are specially intended for the small to medium capacity range.

F NH3 compressors
Current types Displacement (1450 rpm) m³/h
F14 101.5 118.9
F16 152.2 178.4

More information about the F NH3 compressors (e.g. technical/performance data, drawings, spare part lists, operating limits) can be found in the compressor selection tool VAP via the following link: VAP compressor selection F NH3 compressors

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