23 May

GEA New mexxFlow® Valve Plate System

Image of GEA Bock mexxFlow valve plate

GEA increases energy efficiency of compressors by around 15 %

thanks to mexxFlow® technology

More refrigerating capacity and lower power consumption – this is the motto of the new mexxFlow® valve plate system, which will form the heart of all new GEA Bock compressor generations in future.   Concerning the increase in energy efficiency of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, one focus of compressor manufacturers has always been on the valve plate system. It is necessary to release the energy, which is applied by an electric motor, efficiently to the refrigerating circuit while realizing minimal energy losses.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies has also put its focus of continuous development of reciprocating compressors on the valve plate system – the mexxFlow® system now reflects the result of this development work.   GEA was successful in increasing the efficiency of its compressors by around 15 % thanks to a flow-optimized double ring fin construction of the valve plate in combination with a cylinder head, which is specially adapted to the valve plate. Thus, open as well as semi-hermetic GEA Bock compressors achieve new records in terms of efficiency.

Starting from October, the compressor Bock F18, an open-type reciprocating compressor with 8-cylinders and a displacement of up to 280 m³/h, will be the first compressor which is equipped with the mexxFlow® valve plate system. The semi-hermetic 8-cylinder model HG88e and the 6-cylinder compressor HG7e will follow at the end of the year.

An animated movie about the GEA Bock mexxFlow® system can be found here.

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