25 Jun

New generation of the biggest GEA Bock compressors


With mexxFlow valve technology by GEA Technologies

New generation of the biggest GEA Bock compressors with more refrigerating capacity, less drive power – in addition to a displacement of up to 280 m³/h – the new Bock compressor models HG7e and HG88e offer maximum efficiency and easy handling for chillers and performance-intensive refrigeration applications.

The revised versions of the GEA Bock 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder compressors, which had been established ten years ago, achieve new records in terms of efficiency due to the use of the GEA Bock mexxFlow valve system.

Especially in applications like chillers, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors offer further attractive benefits in comparison to screw compressors:


  • lower oil throw
  • easy capacity control  via shutdown of the cylinder bench
  • no high-frequency operating noises
  • easy motor change in the case of service
  • Bock 6 and 8 Cylinder Compressors

GEA Refrigeration Technologies achieves an advance in efficiency of the models HG7e and HG88e in comparison to its predecessors due to the use of the mexxFlow valve system. The mexxFlow system makes it possible to minimize pressure losses thanks to a flow-optimized double ring fin construction of the valve plate in combination with a cylinder head, which is specially adapted to the valve plate. Thus, the efficiency of the compressors can be increased considerably.




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