24 Mar

The new, greater-efficiency GEA Bock HG44e compressors

Image of GEA Bock Compressor - HG44e

With its GEA Bock HG44e compressor range, GEA Technologies introduces new, more efficient semi-hermetic compressors to the market – models that replace its HG4 range. Experience from more than 20 years of production of semi-hermetic compressors has gone into this development.

In addition to their uses in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning, the new 4-cylinder compressors are ideally suited for refrigeration in supermarkets. They offer improved efficiency over their predecessors, greater displacement, more compact structural design, and a new configuration of connections.

These connections match the gas connections normally found in the sector, to ensure that no adaptation work is necessary when the user invests in a replacement compressor. The foot mountings of the new compressor likewise conform to sector standards.

In the 4-cylinder HG44e range, four model sizes cover the area of maximum displacement from 41.3 m³/h to 67.0 m³/h. These output ranges enable optimal meeting of performance requirements. These new compressors are available from April of 2014.

The new range profits from a new and advanced valve plate system, electrical motors from the latest generation, and enhanced gas flow – which increase efficiency and lower energy consumption. In comparison to its predecessors, the GEA Bock HG44e range includes four instead of three model sizes.

In addition, the largest version, the HG44e/770-4 compressor, offers with its 67 m³/h, almost 20 % more displacement than the largest HG4 model. As a result, this compressor range demonstrates the greatest power density in the sector.

The GEA Bock oil-pump design, proven over many years, further assures reliable lubrication of all moving parts. The new models furthermore demonstrate excellent service friendliness – for example, simple exchange of the drive motor, as before.

With its new GEA Bock HG44e compressors, GEA Technologies sets new standards in efficiency and performance.

Image of GEA Bock Compressor - HG44e

GEA Bock compressor of the new HG44e range.

Via the download area below, you can find a product catalogue about the HG44e range.

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