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14 Jul

Compressor units for open-type GEA Bock 8-cylinder compressors

Following the introduction of the F18 last year, GEA Bock is expanding the open type compressors by the compressor units in line with tradition.

Alongside the familiar FDK types, a version with coupling case, to be marketed under the SFD designation, will now also be available for the first time.

FDK Compressor units

Compressor with flexible shaft coupling for direct drive mounted on a profile base frame. The power transmission from motor to compressor occurs via an elastic flexible shaft coupling. ICE standard motors of type IM B3 are used as drive motors (option).

Special features:

  • Simple and robust construction
  • Use of standard motors
  • Optimum power transmission via direct coupling

SFD Compressor units

Compressor with flexible shaft coupling for direct drive mounted on a profile base frame. Power transmission from motor to compressor occurs via an elastic flexible shaft coupling. The automatic self-aligning of motor and compressor is achieved using coupling bell. ICE standard motors of type IM B3 are used as drive motors (option).

Special features:

  • Simple and robust construction
  • Use of standard motors
  • Optimum power transmission via direct coupling
  • Optimum alignment of motor and compressor via coupling bell
  • Date of introduction of both types: immediately

Product Information Compressor GEA Bock open-type 8-cylinder compressor units 

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10 Jul

GEA Bock offers greater efficiency semi-hermetic compressor series


Image of GEA Bock compressors - HG44e - HG56e - HG76e - HG88e

GEA Bock has upgraded its range of semi-hermetic compressors and from 2014 will offer new, efficiency-optimized solutions for applications in refrigeration and climate control.

Experience from decades of design and construction of semi-hermetic compressors has gone into development of the new “e-series” (e = efficiency).

The new HG44e (4- cylinder) and HG88e (8-cylinder) models are already available. Beginning in fall of this year, in addition, the HG56e and HG76e models will also be on the market.

The HG76e and HG88e compressors are equipped with the newly developed GEA Bock mexxFlow valve-plate technology, which enables greater refrigeration duty while operating with less power consumption. The flow-optimized double ring fin construction  of the mexxFlow valve plate – in combination with a cylinder head especially adapted to the valve plate – have increased the efficiency of the HG76e and HG88e compressors by approx. 15 %.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies has based these four new semi-hermetic compressor series on the proven principles of GEA Bock compressors. These fundamentals include assurance of effective lubrication by an oil pump, application of exchangeable electrical motors, as well as manufacture of very solid and rugged compressors.

These new GEA Bock compressor series offer a great number of benefits over their predecessor models.


  • The HG44e series :

The new GEA Bock HG44e compressors replace the HG4 series and are characterized by increased efficiency, greater displacement, more compact design, and a new configuration of connections. These connections conform with currently provided gas fittings, which enables replacement investment without adaptation.

The foot mounts of the new 4-cylinder compressors also conform to sector standards. The HG44e models with four model sizes cover the range of maximum displacements from 41.3 to 67.0 m³/h. This allows optimal coverage of individual performance requirements.

The GEA Bock HG44e series, in comparison to its predecessors, now offers four instead of three model sizes. In addition, the largest version, the HG44e/770-4 compressor, offers with its 67 m³/h almost 20 % more displacement than the largest HG4 model. As a result, this series of models offers the most extensive performance coverage of any brand in the sector.


  • The HG88e series :

For several months now, GEA Bock HG88e compressors have already been on the market. The largest GEA Bock 8-cylinder for commercial refrigeration presently on the market is available in two model sizes: from 237.9 to 281.3 m³/h. This model series is impressive owing to an efficient stroke-bore ratio, optimized gas flow, highly efficient motors, as well as the same dimensions and connections as for its predecessors in the HG8 series.

In addition, efficiency enhancement of up to 15 % is possible in combination with mexxFlow valve-plate technology.


  • The HG56e series:

Beginning in fall of this year, a total of three 6-cylinder models in the HG56e series will replace the previous GEA Bock HG5 series. These new compressors will be available with displacements of 73.8 to 100.4 m³/h. Throughout the portfolio, 6-cylinder compressors will then be offered instead of the previous HG5 4-cylinder models.

Compared to the 4-cylinder compressor models typically available on the market, the increase in number of cylinders leads to enhanced efficiency and to optimized noise-emission levels. The largest compressor, with 100.4 m³/h displacement, exceeds that of its predecessor by approx. one-fifth – and offers as a result an especially great price-performance ratio.


  • The HG76e series:

Also from fall of 2014, the new GEA Bock HG76e series of models will arrive on the market to upgrade their predecessor models from the HG7 series. The new 6-cylinder compressors are characterized by more efficient design of the gas ducts as well as optimized electric motors from the latest generation.

In combination with mexxFlow valve-plate technology, total efficiency enhancement of up to 15 % is possible.


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01 Oct

Enhanced Capital Allowance – ECA

Quality bespoke design cooling and heating solutions tailored to meet your application with the ECA scheme


Invest the initial capital and then claim 100% of the products and installation costs back using the Governments ECA Energy saving scheme ” ENHANCED CAPITAL ALLOWANCE “. The GEA Bock range of air-cooled compressors qualify as one of the listed energy saving products required to benefit from the scheme. You can find out all the relevant information through the HM Revenue & Customs links shown at the bottom of the page.


gogo-logoSouthern Sales & Services have been involved in Energy saving cooling and heating solutions using Enhanced Capital Allowance for the past 4 – 5  years and have already seen our customers benefit from ECA.

Our first project with Pizza Go Go back in 2009 was a complete success and we are now involved in the design calculations of there new development in the second phase of there installation program.

The case study of the the original inefficient refrigeration systems used to chill/freeze there cold stores was found to be inadequate and are now being replaced with brand new bespoke design systems using GEA Bock air-cooled HA34 compressors. This has now further reduced there carbon footprint and saved on there business Energy bills.

Customers website link Pizza GoGo


If you would like Southern Sales & Services to take part in your case study and design of Energy saving cooling and heating applications through the ECA scheme then please do not hesitate to contact our technical team who will assist you with your project.



First year allowances for energy saving products 

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) energy scheme provides tax allowances for energy saving products.

The scheme offers a 100% First-Year Aallowance (FYA) for investments in certain energy saving plant and machinery. If you buy equipment that qualifies, you can write off, for example, 100% of the cost against that year’s taxable profits. This could save you a lot of money, as well as reduce your business’ energy use, carbon footprint and climate change levy payments.

The ECA energy scheme supports a variety of energy saving technologies, such as energy efficient boilers, lighting, refrigeration equipment, and metering and monitoring systems. This guide explains how the scheme works, what energy saving products qualify, and how to claim an allowance.

Information centre :


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